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The Legacy

 L. David Harris, has been exposed to publishing from birth. He comes from a family that has been dedicated to quality publishing and distribution for decades.


His father was a door-to-door book salesman for many years before he became a large regional manager of book sales people who were consistently responsible for record sales for the two publishing houses they represented. With decades in the business, he was promoted to associate publishing director for a large New York City organization. Mr. Harris fondly remembers going to yearly retreats and awards programs for hundreds of book sales people during his childhood years.


Mr. Harris’ mother was also involved in the publishing industry during his teen years. She was associate editor for a local newspaper in New York City. She then transferred to work for a large religious publishing department where she continued for years. She then became associate editor for a historic magazine founded in the 1800s; from where she also retired.


As you can see, publishing is in Mr. Harris’ blood. In 1996, he began writing as a hobby. He wrote articles, which he would then photocopy for free distribution. Later that year, he got his “big-break” and published his first article. Since then, he has not looked back. He has published well over a thousand articles in his own name, scores of books and audiobooks, and a “secret” number of works under his pseudonym.


Mr. Harris has done consistent freelance work in audiobook production, editing, writing, and social media content creation for three established publishing houses for years. He has commissioned multiple short-read titles as market testers. He has personally mentored many, many writers and authors through the publishing and book/brand promotion process. He has become a go-to authority for consultation to assist authors to get the most exposure possible with limited resources.


As an author himself, he has appeared on international television, radio, Internet podcasts, and has been featured in mainstream media articles and news.


He is now committed to providing value-added services, in concert with strategic partners, to take your books from concept to global impact, while keeping you in control of your copyrights and revenues.

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The Strategy


Our vision, simply put, is to support and enhance your vision. Most authors are not such by accident, although there are some exceptions. Most have dreamed, labored, and suffered disappointments for many years before their first “baby” was birthed. When you finally get your manuscript off your computer and into the publishing process, that is when the “real” work begins. There’s no doubt that only 5% of would-be quality authors actually get to the manuscript submission phase. Yet, there is so much more that must be done to enhance your submission so it impacts the world forever. This is our vision: Maximize your impact on the world-stage forever, while keeping you firmly in the driver's seat.


The key to maximum impact is global reach and awareness. Let us distribute, aggregate, and magnify your finest work, so the world will take notice and your message will move throughout markets you never dreamed possible.


Do not let "Here today, gone tomorrow" be said of your hard work and dedication. We want you to remain relevant as long as you have something to offer. Many authors fail by writing one book and then going to sleep at the proverbial wheel when they don't become instant sensations. Embrace sustained, steady progress. Let us show you how.


If there are two great enemies of author success, they are lack of forward thinking and poor organization. Put our expertise to good use. Let us help you formulate plans for the next 10 steps while others lag behind.


Every great author needs a great team. Your team may be readers and writers clubs. Your team may be family and friends. Your team may even be a large number of staff who help you remain relevant and dominant in your niche market. Let us help you develop your team members for maximum efficiency.


If you need us to manage your operations after your book is published, just drop us a line. We can provide the support you need while you continue to produce quality content. 


You are the brand! We all are. It's just that some of us do not realize it yet. There is something you have to offer the world that perhaps nobody else does. If they do, it's not in the way you do. This unique spin on familiar concepts is what you must capitalize on in order to raise brand awareness. We can help. Let us put our strategic partnerships to work for you so your brand can one day become a recognized force in your area of expertise.

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